Year Founded




Country of Origin


Markets/Areas Available

Subject to franchisor confirmation

Franchise Fees

all markets

Average Investment/unit/store

minimum 300K SGD; Single Unit Franchise Fees: yearly fees – SGD 40k/store (one time) negotiable

Deposit (new) – SGD 40k (one time as a form of guarantee) negotiable

Royalty (% of Turnover)


Marketing Fees


Renewal Fees


Franchisor Tenure

3 years, with renewable options

About the brand

ROSEONLY, a high-end love token brand, takes “loving only one person for a lifetime” as its philosophy, creating four main series of fresh roses, eternal roses, rose jewelry, and rose home decor. With the belief that “those who believe in love will find it, love is unique,” it offers luxurious roses and high-quality handmade rose jewelry, dedicated to couples who believe in true love.

ROSEONLY’s product categories include fresh roses, eternal roses, rose jewelry, rose bears, rose fragrances, rose home decor, and other product lines.

Since its inception, ROSEONLY has adhered to the concept of unique true love, conveying the brand’s proposition that “those who believe in love will find it, love is unique,” interpreting romance with sincerity, and solemnly recording precious moments. With luxurious roses and dazzling jewelry, it creates eternal symbols of true love. From handpicked Ecuadorian fresh roses to 109-step centennial craftsmanship in creating eternal roses from Ecuador, handmade rose jewelry, each product embodies the weight of true love vows.

*More details will be provided after Franchise Enquiry form is received. The information here is subject to changes by the franchisor.

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