Old Town White Coffee

Year Founded




Country of Origin


Markets/Areas Available

Subject to franchisor confirmation

Franchise Fees

Unit Franchise: 44,000 USD

Average Investment/unit/store

294,000 USD

(Based on 400,000 SGD)

Royalty (% of Turnover)

3% - 5%

Marketing Fees

2% - 3 %

Franchisor Tenure

5 + 5 years

About the brand

Our commitment to maintain the true essence of our heritage OLDTOWN™ White Coffee blend has helped us to create a one-of-its-kind brand that is renowned the world over. Our business also includes the OLDTOWN™ White Coffee chain of café outlets. Carrying the charm of a traditional Ipoh coffee shop, we serve a variety of Malaysian delicacies from white coffee to toasts, rice and noodles. To date, we have more than 200 café outlets throughout Asia.

*More details will be provided after Franchise Enquiry form is received. The information here is subject to changes by the franchisor.

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