Mad For Garlic (Korea)

Year Founded




Country of Origin

South Korea

Markets/Areas Available

Subject to franchisor confirmation

Franchise Fees

Unit Franchise: 70,000 USD and 40,000 USD for 2nd outlet onwards

Average Investment/unit/store

292,000 - 599,000 USD

Royalty (% of Turnover)


Marketing Fees


Franchisor Tenure

5 + 5 years (Area)
10 + 10 years (Franchise)

About the brand

The original garlic-themed restaurant, Mad for Garlic has more than 40 unique menu items and every dish has something in common – they are all about garlic. Mad for Garlic aims to present customers with an exquisite harmony of garlic and wine by pairing quality wines.

*More details will be provided after Franchise Enquiry form is received. The information here is subject to changes by the franchisor.

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