Year Founded




Country of Origin


Markets/Areas Available

Subject to franchisor confirmation

Franchise Fees

Area (country basis)

Average Investment/unit/store

Depending on the store size (stand-alone store or department store counter)

Master Franchise/Area Development fees:
Franchise deposit: US$20,000
Franchise fee: US$10,000 (per annum)

Marketing Fees

at least 2% based on their projected sales turnover for marketing promotion

Franchisor Tenure

2-3 years depending on region on renewable basis

About the brand

Hallmark Babies has been dedicated to providing the highest quality products for babies and children aged 0-8. All of our designs are inspired by our brand values of ‘love, care, touch ‘. We aim to create the most comfortable and safest products for babies and children. Throughout the years, we have been successfully developing our distribution network. Over 240 concept shops and counters can now be found in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Georgia, and the United Arab Emirates. We are continuing our expansion both domestically and internationally through cooperation with business partners who share our values.

*More details will be provided after Franchise Enquiry form is received. The information here is subject to changes by the franchisor.

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