Year Founded




Country of Origin

South Korea

Markets/Areas Available

Subject to franchisor confirmation

Franchise Fees

Master/ Unit

Average Investment/unit/store

USD$200,000-USD$300,000 (store size 150sqm-250sqm)

Single unit franchise fee: US$30,000 (for support of local store marketing)

Master Franchise/Area Development fees: US$300,000-US$500,000

Royalty (% of Turnover)


Franchisor Tenure

5 years with renewal option

About the brand

Droptop is a premium café which differs from other brand name cafes in terms of taste, service and atmosphere with its innovative and trend setting philosophy. Droptop originates from that cup of coffee shared at the top of the mountains by those who conquered adversity in the alpine regions towering over five thousand meters above the outskirts of Pakistan – the last Silk road connecting Eastern and Western culture. Droptop is continuously improving the quality and diversity of its menu in relation to market changes, trading areas and the time of year through its R&D center which comprises of experts in several areas including Q Grader, beverages and confectionary. We provide systematic training on the operation of our franchises through hands-on functional education for our baristas regarding all processes from receiving orders to serving customers.

*More details will be provided after Franchise Enquiry form is received. The information here is subject to changes by the franchisor.

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