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“The key to success is to do the right thing
the right way until you are sick and tired of it.
Then, you do it some more.”

~ Albert Kong
Founder of Asiawide
We are a team of franchise strategy experts with real knowledge of running a franchise and that is why we are trusted by so many franchisors.


“The key to success is to do the right thing
the right way until you are sick and tired of it.
Then, you do it some more.”

~ Albert Kong
Founder of Asiawide

We are a team of franchise strategy experts with real knowledge of running a franchise and that is why we are trusted by so many franchisors.

Asiawide is Singapore’s pioneer franchise strategist.

Our current CEO, Albert Kong, saw a mismatch between the growth opportunities afforded by franchising and the lack of capabilities to leverage on this great business multiplier way back in 1989.
That was why he bought over Asiawide to help business owners access excellent franchise strategy consulting.
We know all about franchising because we have first-hand experience in running franchises.
We continue to be a true blue franchise strategist that is 100% focused on helping your business make quantum leaps by putting 30+ years of franchising know-how at your disposal.

Asiawide is Singapore’s pioneer franchise strategist.


All of us have experienced vendors who overpromised and underdelivered, and we are sure you hate that as much as all of us at Asiawide.
That is why we made sure we delivered on what we promised, without fail.


This is the vision that Asiawide has been chasing since day one.

We want to be the brand that helps transform good businesses into great franchises.

We do this through our 3-pronged mission which is:

1.We develop proprietary, workable, versatile franchising-related solutions.
2.We deliver systematic franchise consulting services in a hands-on way.
3. We deploy only knowledgeable and passionate people to serve clients.


We do things differently in smarter, better, faster ways.


We bring incredible energy to every project we take on.


We plan our work carefully and work our plan diligently.


We take extreme pride and ownership in all that we do.


The best franchising strategy means nothing if you don’t have the means to bring this strategy to the markets you want.

Asiawide has a carefully-cultivated 60-country (and growing) network with strong and dependable partners in each one to shorten your market entry curve so that your franchise can start generating revenue quickly.

Talk to us today to explore how we can help you achieve and exceed your franchising targets.

The Franchise Strategist

Our Business defines the space that we are here to dominate.

The Brand Behind Top Franchise Brands

Our Vision defines the future we want to create for the brand.


1. We develop proprietary, workable, versatile franchising-related solutions.
2 .We deliver systematic franchise consulting services in a hands-on way.
3. We deploy only knowledgeable and passionate people to serve clients.
4. Our Mission defines how we go about realizing our Vision.


1. Differentiated
We do things differently in smarter, better, faster ways.
2. Exuberant
We bring incredible energy to every project we take on.
3. Systematic
We plan our work carefully and work our plan diligently.
4. Accountable
We take extreme pride and ownership in all that we do.
Our Brand Values define the ideas that shape how we think and act.


Our Enemy defines the No. 1 Problem that we are here to overcome.


60-Country Network At Your Service
Our Value Proposition defines the No. 1 Benefit that we bring to you..

We know franchising.

Asiawide Franchise Consultants is a Singapore-based franchise management consulting firm founded in 1989 (previously under a different name). The firm is one of Asia’s most established and experienced franchise consulting firms by track record, diversity of industries served, and revenue. Asiawide Franchise Consultants provides a one-stop service for all things related to franchising, namely franchise package development, audit of existing franchises, matchmaking of franchise companies with prospective franchisees, marketing of franchise opportunities, training, etc.

We will serve you professionally, with passion and integrity.

ASIAWIDE FRANCHISE CONSULTANTS PTE LTD (AFC) is one of the most experienced franchise consulting companies in Asia. Over the last 32 years (as of October 2020), we have helped more than 1300 companies in Asia to develop their franchises to expand domestically and overseas.

We have franchise and affiliated offices in over 70 cities in 50 nations (as of October 2020).

With our worldwide network, in-depth knowledge, insight (our consultants have managed franchise companies before joining us) and qualifications – e.g. CFE, CMC and PMC (Senior PMC), we are able to help clients from various industries to develop very strategic and effective franchise packages, conduct incisive franchise audits, to develop a market entry strategic plan into foreign territories and help franchisors find suitable franchisees in various parts of the world.

Our related company Asiawide Trends Pte Ltd is the publisher of the world’s only bilingual English-Chinese Asia Franchise & Business Opportunities magazine that is immensely popular in Asia since 1994 (launched by the then Deputy CEO of the Singapore Trade Development Board). We are the most active consulting company in Asia as we participate in over 30 franchise and related shows in Asia every year.

We know franchising.

Albert Kong
CEO/Managing Director

Under Albert’s leadership, the company has helped close to 900 companies in Asia to develop their business concepts and expand their businesses. Albert is among the first handful of Asians to be awarded by the International Franchise Association (IFA) the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) title in 2005. He is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and Senior Practicing Management Consultant (SPMC). He was an active council member at the Institute of Management Consultants, Singapore for many years. Albert was also appointed SCOPE-IP Consultant registered with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). Note: the Scope_IP scheme has been subsumed into other schemes.

Albert also served (2007-2012) as Honorary Secretary of ISCOS (www.iscos.org.sg) which helps ex-prisoners adapt to their new leash of life outside the prisons. He currently serves as the Dy Chair for this organization’s charity fund (ISCOS Regen Fund) committee. He was awarded the Long Service Award by Dy Prime Minister Teo on 29 Oct 2011.

In recognition of his expertise, he has been invited to speak at franchise seminars in 48  nations (as of April 2019) in over 300 occasions. They include USA, UK, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Japan, Korea, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, China, N.Z, Indonesia, Lebanon, Philippines, Mongolia, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia,  Vietnam, Cambodia, India and other nations. Practicing what he preaches,

Albert expanded his business network by sub-franchising it to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. He has now built the network to close to 80 partners around the world.

His brainchild Asia Franchise & Business Opportunities (AFBO) magazine was launched on 28th March 1994. Albert was a member of the Franchise Services Advisory Committee at the then Singapore Trade Development Board 1993 – 1997. He is an executive committee member of the Franchising & Licensing Association – Singapore (since 1994) and was a member of the Steering Committee for Global Franchising ’97. He still co-chairs the exhibition committee today.He also serves as Chairman for International Development Committees since 1991.

He is also a PAP member of the current ruling political party. Albert’s previous positions include: General Manager (Marketing) at a subsidiary of a listed company; Group Marketing Manager at The Hour Glass Ltd (a public-listed company); Manager, Key Accounts & Manager, Service Establishments, & other positions, at American Express Intl. Albert also holds the rank of Captain in the Singapore Armed Forces.

His awards include: 10-year contribution to Growth of Franchising in China (1998-2007);  Significant contribution to Growth of Franchising in Taiwan (2011);  Certificate of Honour (International Year of Cooperatives 2011), and many others. He was recognized as one of 20 Faces of Franchising by UK’s franchise magazine in 2017; he was also listed as one of the world’s top practitioners by Who’s Who Legal : Franchise 2018.

Christopher Tay

its retail expansion operations for several years. He later joined a diversified company dealing with high fashion products and accessories until 1993, when he became Managing Director of a global trading company. Christopher officially joined the company in 2002 and has since been heading the exhibition and brokerage (match-making) segment of the company’s business.

Clarence Nah
General Manager / Resident Consultant
strategic planning, marketing and many aspects of its franchising operations, as Kinderland is a franchise pioneer in this region. Prior to this, Clarence was AVP at OCBC (bank), in charge of the Admin Department. He served in various management roles at OCBC 1988 – 1995. Clarence worked on an e-enabling project, an events-management project before joining the parent company Asiawide Trends.
Over the past 18 years, Clarence was instrumental in leading key projects undertaken by the company. As General Manager, Clarence’s management abilities are clearly recognized by our entire worldwide network and clients as he superbly juggles his time with clients and other company-related work (e.g. support to our overseas offices, and the training of consultants, etc.). Clarence’s qualifications include CFE, SPMC, Business Excellence, and he was also a SCOPE-IP Consultant registered with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS).
Christine Rovina Cheung
Consulting Director

Westin Stamford in Singapore. She was one of the pioneers within the hotel’s management team with key responsibilities over the setting-up, operations and staff training for the Canton Garden & Se-Chuan Court Chinese Restaurants in the Westin Plaza as well as the renowned Compass Rose Restaurant and Lounge in the Westin Stamford.  

Christine obtained the Advanced Certificate of Training and Assessment (ACTA) conferred by IAC in 2009.  She was also appointed SCOPE-IP Consultant registered with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). 

Christine is also a Certified Productivity Consultant, a title awarded by the Singapore Productivity Centre.

Christine Rovina Cheung joined the Company as Associate Consultant since early 2003 and her areas of specialization are in franchise consulting as well as Case Trust accreditation services. Christine has over 20 years of management experience.

Christine has been directly involved in the franchising business since 1995 as Manager in Crestar Holdings Pte Ltd, Crestar Learning Centre and ELFA Learning Centre. She was one of the three-team members for the Crestar franchise development project in 1995. Having worked closely with IE Singapore (formerly known as TDB; now named as Enterprise Singapore) and Spring Singapore (formerly known as PSB & NPB; now merged with IE ,called Enterprise Singapore), Christine was instrumental for the Franchise Development Scheme for Crestar Learning Centre and subsequent launching of Crestar Franchise in Singapore & Overseas. Prior to her employment with Crestar Holdings, Christine was the Central West Zone Head for Yamaha Music School and directly responsible for the operational and financial performance of 3 music schools. She was also a franchisee of ELFA Learning Centre for several years before joining Asiawide Franchise Consultants.

yvonne 2
Yvonne Seah
Associate Consultant / Trainer

With her wealth of experience in the service sector, Yvonne has helped many frontline staff upgrade their customer service skills and communication skills.

Yvonne was a consultant and trainer for Han’s Café and Cake House in its Customer-Centric Initiative (CCI) programme under the auspices of Spring Singapore. Yvonne is also an accredited trainer for the Employability Skills Set (ESS) programme and Certified Service Professional programme (CSP) and she has experience designing and developing customer service and communications related modules.

As a trainer, Yvonne has consistently received very positive evaluations from participants because of her firm belief in using a wide variety of methods to engage learners and enable practical application of learning. A versatile bilingual trainer, Yvonne can deliver training programmes in both English and Mandarin.

tn.Julia kwok Photo-1.jpg.2
Julia Kwok
Management Consultant

in the area of finance. Julia has been the Independent Director for Pavillon Holdings Ltd from 2007 to 2016.  Prior to that, she was the Financial Controller responsible for finance and management functions for the Thai Village Group of Companies (franchisor) and subsequently President (South East Asia) of Putien Services Pte Ltd (franchisor). Presently she is a business and financial consultant to various clients. Julia joined our company as an Associate in 2015. Julia has spoken on franchising & related fees in Singapore and in Thailand, and is an important resource for our company. 

christoper hua-2
Christopher Hua
Management Consultant

Christopher joined our company as an Associate since 2009. Due to his vast connections all over Asia, he is a very valuable asset to the company for expanding our network and for our clients’ search for suitable partners in Asia.

Certified Franchise Executive conferred by the International Franchise Association, Washington D.C. USA

Certified Management Consultant, conferred by the Institute of Management Consultants.


Practicing Management Consultant, SENIOR PMCs; the title is conferred by the PMC Certification Board, Singapore & the Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council (SBACC), with support from government agencies Enterprise Singapore, IPOS and WDA

urn_aaid_sc_US_9cbf01ff-250b-4807-9d80-a139ee859f7b (1)

Certified Productivity Consultant conferred by Singapore Productivity Centre

ASEAN Franchise Expert of the Year (2019)


Wali-Kadin Franchise Appreciation Award (Indonesia, 2018)

10 year franchising contribution

CCFA Outstanding Contribution to Franchising
(China, 2017)

ASEAN Retail & Franchise Federation Award (2015)

franchising award winner taiwan

ACHP Franchising Award
(1st Foreigner in Taiwan, 2011)

outstanding contribution to franchising china

CCFA 10-year Contribution to Franchising Award
(1st Foreigner in China, 2008)


EFDA Appreciation Award
(Egypt, 2018)

global franchise logo

Global Franchise One of 20 Faces to Watch
(UK, 2017)

Board Member, Asia Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence
(Australia, 2010-2017)

WWL One of the world’s leading practitioners
(International, 2017)

SNCF Certificate of Honor
(Singapore, 2013)

Total Defence Awards
(Singapore, 2019)

National Service Advocate Award SME
(Singapore, 2019)

MOE Contribution to Education Award
(Singapore, 2015)

MHA Long-Service Award
(Singapore, 2011)

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4-Fingers into Thailand

OldTown White Coffee into Xiamen and Shanghai, China

World of Beer into China

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Mom’s Touch into Singapore

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