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Asiaawide Trends Pte Ltd is  the publisher of the Singapore Franchise Directory (second edition launched in Sept 2002). These 
publications are very strong media as far as providing current and professional franchise information is concerned.  This service helps our
clients in their marketing efforts and their selection of franchise partners.
Per year (4 Editions)
Other Countries:US$120
Launched on 28th March, 1994
Only bilingual-English and Chinese franchise magazine in the world
Available on board SIA 1994-1999; distributed worldwide through bookshops and our overseas offices; via subscription; and sold at major (over 25 franchise expo/seminars every year in different parts of the world) franchise expositions
Proven effective in attracting franchisees
Regular features  in this quarterly publication include: - Cover Story (of a successful franchise, its founder, etc); - Business
Insights (e.g. how to increae  your sales per square meter); - Special Features (on new or interesting franchises); - Franchising (regular franchising-related / legal articles);  News Station (current franchising news, exhibition previews /reviews, etc).
Profile of Readers - Age: 25 - 65.  Status: Mainly CEOs, managers and professionals, top executives in business development, operators of restaurant, retail outlets, private schools, fashion boutiques, etc.  Lifestyle: Frequent travellers; entertain at least once a
week, buy gifts for clients, spouse and self.  Income: At least US$100,000 per annum.   Education Level: Chinese and/or English literate.   Psychometric Profile: Desire to own a business; intends to diversify into other industries; wants to broaden business knowledge; keen to know what competitors are doing.

Our publications go to at least 30 franchise expos and related shows every year. These include: Food & Hotel Asia in Singapore (by SES), FHV (Vietnam), MIFB (Malaysia), HK Licensing Show, HK SME Expo, in addition to the franchise expos in almost every nation in Asia that has a franchise association.  Other distribution channels include seminars with chambers of commerce, tertiary institutions (polytechnics, varsities), CEO-clubs, etc.

The magazine is also distributed during franchise investors forum organized by the publisher and/or its partners in various nations.  In addition, members of the Franchising & Licensing Association, Singapore; the Chairpersons/CEOS of members of the World Franchise Council, Asia Pacific Franchise Confederation, selected government agencies in Asia receive complementary copies of every edition.

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