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Asiawide Business Consultants

» Business & Service Excellence
» CaseTrust Accreditation
» Productivity Improvement
» Economic Grouping Consultancy
» Total Business Plan
» Marketing Plan
» Management Audit
» Pre-entry study
» Specific tasks: Operations manuals etc. 
» Business Matching
» Short-term contract : to assist client operate their business

Asiawide Business Consultants specialises in CaseTrust Accreditation, business management and development projects like economic groupings, management audit, business match-making, etc. Other services include: drafting of business plans and marketing plans …

Areas of Specialization

* Business Excellence – (Enterprise Singapore has a grant to support this):
The Business Excellence (BE) initiative was launched to help organizations strengthen their management systems and processes for high performance through adopting the business excellence framework. This framework is based on an internationally comparable model for managing an enterprise for excellence. It helps organizations know where they are on the excellence journey and what they need to do to achieve a higher level of performance.

ASIAWIDE BUSINESS CONSULTANTS is one of the participating Service Providers who can offer the following service module(s):

* CaseTrust Desk-Top Preparation for Accreditation (CASE):
CaseTrust is the accreditation arm of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), and is Singapore's de facto standard for companies that wish to demonstrate their commitment to fair trading and transparency to consumers. Since its inception in 1999, CaseTrust has been working hand-in-hand with many companies to raise the industry standards.

For CaseTrust Accreditation, we are a team of consultants who are very familiar with CaseTrust accreditation requirements. Over the past years, we have successfully assisted close to 100 companies in the accreditation process. Our clientele are from the Recruitment, Travel, Jewellery Retail, Spa Wellness, Education, Motoring Business and other industries. Another significant factor is that almost all of our consulting team members have prior experience in actually managing franchise operations, hailing from the private educational, or food & beverage and retail sectors; they have held senior management positions in operations, marketing and business development.

We can assist you in working towards CaseTrust accreditation and at the same time identify areas for operational and service quality improvements. To-date some of our clients who have obtained CaseTrust Accreditation are: Body Wellness, ZuyuLin Reflexology & Health Centre, Spa Furama, Ucara Spa, Origin Exterminator, WTS Travel & Tours, Cornell Education Group and Home Guide Design & Contracts.

Our Competencies

We are among the first batch of consultants to be trained at IPOS for the specific purpose of assisting the Small and Medium Enterprises to appreciate the intellectual property assets that they might possess, or potentially could own, and then together with our law-firm partner, we will strategically point these SME clients to the right direction so that these SME clients will know how to put this knowledge to good use (by managing them properly, with the goal of protection and business expansion, etc.)

For inquiries, please contact  Mr Clarence Nah (Mobile: 9622 7369) or Ms Christine Cheung (Mobile: 9862 1522).